R&D and IP company in flooring, furniture and surfaces

Välinge Innovation is an R&D and IP company in the flooring and furniture industries. Founded in 1993, we pioneered the concept of glueless click flooring and changed the way people install and use floorings. Our worldwide-patented technology introduced a fast and easy way of installing floorboards mechanically, without using glue.

Today, our technology base covers all fields related to floating flooring but also to other applications such as furniture and surfaces. Several new companies have been founded to specialize on customer support as well as different types of R&D and IP activities. 

Our patent portfolio is one of the most comprehensive in the flooring industry. It comprises more than 1,600 granted patents and a global license base of over 200 licensees. All R&D activities take place at our facility in Viken which is considered to be the world's most advanced R&D centre related to laminate, wood and wood-powder based flooring technology.

Business objective

Develop and patent new product concepts related to flooring, furniture and surfaces & commercialize those technologies through licensing and production.

Facts & figures

Board of directors
Mr Darko Perván (Founder)
Mr Anders Borg (Chairman)
Mr Tony Perván
Mr Daniel Perván
Mr Edouard Pillot

CEO: Mr Niclas Håkansson
Majority Owner: Pervan Holding AB
Employees: >120

Economical data (2016)
Turnover: >100 MEUR 
R&D investments: >30 MEUR 

Intellectual property
Licensees: >200
Granted patents: >1,600

Customer service and supply

Välinge provides extensive support to its licensees to help improve production efficiency and quality. A few examples are prototype production, training/education and special activities.

We are a major supplier of the special materials, components and equipment needed for the introduction of new technologies.

A considerable amount of our revenues is reinvested in the development of new innovative products and cost efficient production technologies that further supports profitable growth for our licensees.