Välinge Innovation is an R&D and IP company in the flooring and furniture industry. The company was founded in 1993 and was then a pioneer in the concept of glue-free click floors. Välinge's worldwide patented technology introduced a quick and easy way to mechanically install floors, without using glue. Today, Välinge Innovation's technology covers all areas related to mechanical locking systems for floating floors, but also to toolless installation of furniture and surface technology for e.g. floor. Välinge Innovation's patent portfolio is one of the most comprehensive in the flooring industry. It covers more than 3,100 granted patents and has a global license base with over 250 licensees.
All R&D activities take place at Välinge Innovation's facility in Viken, which is considered to be the world's most advanced R&D center related to laminate, wood and powder-based floor technology. Välinge Innovation has also invested in and built a completely new floor factory in Viken, which produces our own floors, with our patented surface technologies Woodura® and Nadura®. The factory has a capacity of over 6 million square meters of floor per year and products will be sold worldwide.

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