Bierson Corporation seeks efficiency and quality benefits by implementing Threespine® click furniture technology

Viken, Sweden -

3D laminate component producer Bierson Corporation has signed a license agreement with Välinge for the use of Threespine® click furniture technology. 

The Oregon-based company first met Välinge at the trade show IWF in Atlanta in 2016. After visiting the Välinge R&D center in Sweden the collaboration continued with successful testing and development activities that resulted in a license agreement.

“Välinge showed a clear dedication to engineering innovation and professionalism. From our initial meeting to follow-up discussions and prototyping, we have found excellence in Välinge’s business initiative,” says Bierson Corporation President Don Casebier. 

With the commitment to be at the forefront of innovation through process auditing, Bierson finds Threespine® to be a solution that enhances efficiency and quality in the 3D laminate component industry. 

“Threespine works with a variety of panel-based products in both wood and plastic for many of the projects we produce. We are confident in Välinge’s ability to remain at the forefront of innovation and look forward to our future collaboration,” says Don.