Unfounded and absurd accusations of inequitable conduct and bad faith following Välinge’s renewed allegations of willful patent infringement

Viken, Sweden -

  • The Court should dismiss or enter judgment against Halstead and Home Depot on the claims for inequitable conduct made by Halstead and Home Depot
  • The claims are unsubstantiated and wholly unfounded

Välinge files amended complaint renewing its allegations of willful patent infringement by Halstead and Home Depot as both parties have continued to sell products infringing Välinge’s innovative technology. In a last-minute effort to undermine Välinge’s patent rights, shortly after Välinge filed its amended complaint, Home Depot and Halstead retaliated with unsubstantiated claims alleging inequitable conduct. 

The accusations made by Halstead and Home Depot (as opportunistically reported by another company on the market) are entirely unsubstantiated and made without a shred of evidence. Välinge resents such accusations - Halstead and Home Depot should not succeed with such claims. 

Since 1993, Välinge has continually been dedicated to bringing the advantages of mechanical locking for flooring and other technologies to its customers and in extension, to the end-consumer. Today, Välinge is well-known - by Välinge’s licensee’s in particular - as a business focused on innovation and providing superior services to its customers by constantly developing both new and improved technologies to the market. Välinge is proud of its accomplishments and its patent portfolio and invests heavily into ensuring that the portfolio is updated, relevant and valid. 

Välinge’s firm view is that it through the present legal proceedings has acted against infringing products and the entities responsible for bringing them to the market. Välinge’s actions are incented by the need to stand up against infringers for the benefit of its licensees who are rightfully paying license fees and the need to protect its legal rights. Välinge will not hesitate to take further similar actions against other infringers