TNC-Components targets new customers with Threespine®

Viken, Sweden -

Furniture producer TNC-Components OÜ has signed a license agreement with Välinge Innovation for the use of Threespine® click furniture technology. The technology implementation will enable the high-volume manufacturing specialist to improve its current products and to attract new customers. 

Estonian company TNC-Components provides quality components and ready products from MFC, MDF, HDF and veneer to furniture sellers, DIY stores and building companies. The company is specialized in high-volume manufacturing and is today one of the leading regional suppliers to the furniture industry. Apart from its standard product line of kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, wardrobes and door fronts, TNC-Components also manufactures specific customer products. 

The main focus for TNC-Components has always been to be innovative and to prioritize customers’ comfort and success. In Threespine, the company has found a solution to continue on the same path.

“Easy assembly, non-destructive disassembly and improved stability are advantages that will attract new customers. By implementing Threespine, we will thereby be able to offer our clients products with added value while our company simultaneously will save time and money. In addition, the technology will significantly impact the production and packing processes as there is no need for extra tools and assembly fittings”, says TNC-Components Plant Manager Marko Melter. 

As a part of TNC-Component’s implementation of Threespine, the company has invested in a new profiling line from HOMAG. The new production set-up will, according to Marko Melter, open up new business opportunities for the company.

“We plan to start with the implementation of Threespine in kitchen furniture and wardrobes. Next step will be to expand to all other products lines but we are also open to develop new products with this technology, both for existing and new customers”.

The target is to launch the new production line during the summer of 2019 and to release the first products later in the same period.

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