SANAS to improve furniture assembly with Threespine® click furniture technology

Viken, Sweden -

Slovakian furniture manufacturer SANAS a.s. has signed a license agreement with Välinge for the use of Threespine® click furniture technology. SANAS will thereby be able to increase the quality of its furniture and is now targeting new business opportunities. 

Prior to the implementation of Threespine, SANAS had been dissatisfied with the strength of its kitchen cabinet connections and were looking for a new solution. With Threespine, SANAS will be able to increase the strength of the connections with approximately 30%. But there were also other reasons behind the decision to implement the technology. 

"We were looking for a way to save time and money for our customers and found Threespine to be the best solution as it significantly improves the assembly process. Assembly is important as it can result in product damages and subsequent claims if the customer only partly manages to assemble the furniture. Missing parts is another problem. Threespine solves these issues and enables assembly in one-tenth of the time compared to traditional methods," says SANAS General Director Ján Pavúk.

SANAS implemented Threespine in its production already in 2017 following a request from one of its customers. After successfully setting up the technology, SANAS is now ready to supply larger volumes to more customers.

"We worked closely together with Välinge on the technical details and focused specifically on high-volume manufacturing. By signing the license agreement we are now ready to produce large furniture series with Threespine," says Ján Pavúk.


SANAS a.s. has produced furniture since 1955 and today focuses on high-volume manufacturing as well as smaller series and custom-made wood furniture. Since the start, the company has focused on kitchen furniture for the domestic market as well as Scandinavia and the US market.