Momento Numérico goes with Threespine® click furniture technology to enhance design and customer experience

Viken, Sweden -

The Portuguese company Momento Numérico has signed a license agreement with Välinge Innovation for use of Threespine® click furniture technology.

The agreement brings Momento Numérico new innovative design opportunities and, in addition, creating an easy assembly experience for the customer. The decision was driven by the will to innovate Momento Numérico’s product range and also by requests from one of Momento Numérico’s partners. Numérico's products are currently presented in more than 10 countries e.g. France, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

“The strength of our company clearly lies in the design and our knowledge of choosing the right material for our furniture. This combined with our expertise in production makes Threespine® the obvious choice of production technique. The first order of children’s furniture with Threespine will be delivered to one of our main costumers in France in June 2020” according to Product Manager João Martins.

With Threespine®, Numérico hopes to create more value and differentiation towards the consumer. Thresspine offers new design possibilities and the clean look without visible fittings enhances the look and feel of the furniture. These features take Numérico's products to a new level. 

Daniel Åström, key account manager at Välinge is very pleased with the cooperation between Numérico, the french retailer and Välinge.

"Children's furniture is a complex area with high demands on quality and safety while maintaining a playful design. Threespine® meets these demands and excels in its ability to be assembled without fittings - making assembly a child's play", says Daniel Åström.