Threespine – a new trend in the US kitchen industry.

Viken, Sweden -

Välinge signs two kitchen producers for click furniture technology Threespine.

Välinge is pleased to announce that they have signed two new licensees for their Threespine click furniture technology – both active in the kitchen industry.

One of the new licensees is Innocraft Cabinetry. Innocraft has three brands in their portfolio and Best online cabinets,, is the target outlet for products with Threespine® technology. “The easy assembly technology that Threespine offers is a perfect fit for sales of cabinets online, where RTA is a must” says Josh Qian responsible for  

Prefabricated furniture, assembled by the customer, has been a wish and an idea for a long time at Innocraft. It is, however, very difficult to carry out because of the out-dated, complicated and time-consuming assembly methods. Välinge has now the solution for that problem with their Threespine click furniture tehchnology. That is why we have chosen to work together with Välinge. The use of Threespine will result in lower production and transportation costs and a considerable quality improvement on our products. The customers who have seen this system are overwhelmed and want to start using it in coming deliveries”, continues Josh Qian.

Lennart Thålin at Välinge is excited about the new licensees as they have created an increased interest in Threespine on the US market. “We see a big potential especially in online sales channels. Threespine is extremely easy to assemble and disassemble, which makes it perfect for RTA production strategies says Lennart Thålin, Region Manager North & South America.

Innocraft has received equipment to start production of cabinets with Threespine and plan to launch products on the American market in 2021.

The second American kitchen company signing with Välinge for Threespine, prefer not to announce their name yet. The company is one of the fastest growing kitchen companies in North America and will use the easy assembly technology for factory assembly of their cabinets. Their CTO believes the biggest advantage with Threespine is the time saved when assembling the kitchen in the factory and the fact that excellent quality will be achieved even though less skilled labour is needed.

In the future, the company also see a possibility to sell kitchens as RTA on their on-line platform.

For further information, please contact:

Scott “Augie” Augustine
Threespine® - North America
Mobile: +1 (704) 778 5706


Lennart Thålin
Region Manager North & South America
Mobile: +46 703 79 16 33

About Innocraft
Innocraft was founded in 1998 and manufactures kitchens in Vietnam and China for sales in North America. Innocraft focus on supplying innovative kitchens with good quality at an affordable price. They offer both traditional and modern designed kitchens with great functionality.

About Threespine
Easy, fast, tool-less and with perfect results. Threespine® click furniture technology by Välinge Innovation has made furniture assembly time-saving and enjoyable for everyone. Swedish IP and patent company Välinge Innovation is primarily known for their invention of click flooring utilizing 2G and 5G locking systems. Threespine is a click technology for furniture that is based on the extremely successful 5G technology for flooring. With Threespine there is no need for tools or manuals, the furniture is simply clicked together.