Support center in Shanghai inaugurated

Viken, Sweden -

On the 5th of December 2019, Välinge Innovation held a grand opening ceremony of their support center at Homag China Golden Field in Kunshan. Mr. Niclas Håkansson, CEO of Välinge Sweden, Mr. Guan Jianhua, Managing Director of Jintian Haomai, and other leaders, corporate representatives and industry colleagues attended the event.

A natural result of the growth in the region has been to increase Välinge's local presence and support, to provide faster and more timely technical support and services to the Chinese and surrounding markets. 

“Since Välinge Shanghai Representative Office was established in 2011, more than 150 patent license agreements have been signed in China. China's furniture and flooring industries have created more business opportunities and value. The establishment of Kunshan Technical Support Center will further promote our company's business support and development in China and surrounding areas,” Mr. Niclas Håkansson, CEO of Välinge, said in his welcome speech.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was jointly performed by Mr. Håkansson and Mr. Jianhua Guan, Managing Director of Jintian Haoma. 

“Välinge is a very powerful research & development company. The floor locking technology has completely changed the way people install floors and has resulted in great achievements and developments for the flooring industry. I believe that Threespine® click furniture technology, which is derived from the 5G® floor locking technology, will achieve the same success and encourage enterprises in the industry to join forces to actively promote this technology and to bring new ideas to the furniture market,” says Mr. Jianhua Guan, Managing Director of Jintian Haomai.

The event also contained a guided tour of the support center, including a demonstration of the production process and assembly of Threespine®. The guests witnessed furniture featuring Threespine® being produced in both a double-end tenoner and a CNC machine. In addition, a production demonstration of Liteback® technology was also carried out on site.

The support center comprises: 

  • Production demonstration of Threespine®, Liteback® and floor installation technologies
  • Supply of customized samples for above technologies
  • Customer education and training
  • Laboratory tests and QC
  • Supply/distribution of plastics inserts 

Välinge can now offer local technical support, produce samples in desired materials and show various machining concepts with the support of Homag Group - a major machine supplier to the industry - which has a complete range of machines for cutting, edge banding, profiling, etc. 


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