Glimakra of Sweden chooses Threespine® technology to achieve circularity

Viken, Sweden -

Glimakra of Sweden has signed a license agreement with Välinge for the use of Threespine® click furniture technology. By implementing Threespine, the Swedish producer of interior design solutions will be able to introduce more sustainable products. 

“Our goal has been to create a product for a circular flow, based on the possibility to dismantle the furniture and send it back to the factory where it can be restored to new condition," says Anders Barrklint, CEO of Glimakra of Sweden.

In order to achieve its goal, Glimakra had to find a way to easily dismantle the furniture without damaging any of its components. The company found the solution in Threespine® technology which perfectly solved the assembly requirements and in addition achieved outstanding stability.

Another benefit is that Threespine will enable Glimåkra to deliver, for instance, shelves and cabinets in flat packages to the final destination instead of pre-assembled as before. 

“Assembly becomes so easy without fittings, screws etc. It will be up to the customers to decide whether assembly will be done by themselves or if Glimakra should provide the service for them," says Anders Barrklint.

Anders Barrklint was also keen to emphasize the sustainability aspect of implementing Threespine in the company’s products.

“Transporting air makes no sense for anyone. Threespine opens up opportunities to work more circular and to improve transport efficiency. This is why we, from now on, will implement this technology in all suitable products. Välinge has proven to be a very good partner in all stages of the process, not only the licensing part but also in the transfer of technology know-how and during production set-up. We are very satisfied with our choice."