Scaling up production for new business with Threespine®

Viken, Sweden -

Furniture producer SANAS. a.s. has been producing furniture with Threespine® click furniture technology since 2018. As a response to a growing demand from the market, the company has now tripled its production capacity as a result of new machine investments.

– Our new investments are a result of the growing market demand. We now have multiple double-sided profiling lines adopted to high-volume production of furniture with Threespine®. This enables us to produce large quantities with a high level of efficiency, which is a prerequisite for supplying the market with competitive products, says SANAS Sales Director Miroslav Krisovsky.

Scandinavian retailer Elkjøp is currently SANAS’ biggest customer and shows steadily growing sales figures of its EPOQ kitchens. Threespine® has played a major role for the increased sales, and today accounts for more than 50 percent of the total number of sold kitchens. Only a year ago, this figure was approximately percent.

In theory, SANAS now has the capacity to produce 750,000 cabinets per year.

Increasing demand for easy assembly
Outside of Europe, furniture produced by SANAS can be found at retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe’s and Wayfair. In this case, it is the company’s customer Imperial USA Ltd. that sells the products. Apart from this customer, SANAS has other US customers mostly working with the projects market where the interest for European kitchens and easy assembly has grown.

The partnership between SANAS and Välinge has played a vital part for the success. Välinge has provided technical expertise during the start-up phase and regularly visits SANAS in order to optimize Threespine and the production process.

– SANAS is an important partner for us, especially since the company has the longest experience from high-volume production of furniture with Threespine, says Daniel Åström, Key Account Manager, Välinge.

Investments in high-capacity machines
In 2019, SANAS invested in three inserters: the machines used for placing the plastic inserts that provide the joining function. In addition, the company also modified an edgebanding machine by adding new motors and tools. With these investments, SANAS today has a total of three edgebanding machines as well as two double-end tenoners for profiling of the back panels and other customized panels.

Having several production lines reduces the need for resetting the machines, thereby making production more flexible and efficient. In theory, SANAS now has the capacity to produce 750,000 cabinets per year and this figure could be doubled by changing to two shifts per day.

– We specialize in high-volume manufacturing and our aim is to deliver quality products at reasonable prices. Threespine fits our business concept perfectly and it is particularly beneficial for customers looking for efficient transport solutions for furniture in flat packages,” says Miroslav Krisovsky.

For further information, please contact Daniel Åström, Key Account Manager Furniture Technology, Välinge: