Swedish Crown Princess visits Välinge

Viken, Sweden -

On January 29, the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visited Välinge at the R&D center in Viken, Sweden. The visit included tests of the company’s innovations for flooring and furniture as well as a tour of the new factory. 

“We are very proud and honored to have been given the opportunity to show our business to the Crown Princess Couple,” says Välinge CEO Niclas Håkansson.

The Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel greeted by Välinge founder and majority owner Darko Perván and CEO Niclas Håkansson. 

After a short company presentation by Välinge founder and owner Darko Perván and CEO Niclas Håkansson, the royalties were given a tour around the facilities, starting with a demonstration of where it all began: with the company’s click flooring technologies. 

Prince Daniel installing a floor panel with the 5G® Fold Down installation system. 

Next up was a presentation of Threespine® click furniture technology. Following a demonstration of how the technology works, Prince Daniel was asked to assemble a small furniture sample. Cheered by the Crown Princess, Prince Daniel performed the task without any problems within a few seconds. The simplicity of assembly together with the possibility to improve design and the flat pack furniture concept, made a big impression on the royalties.

The Crown Princess Victoria testing the function of Threespine® technology. County governor Anneli Hulthén (pictured left) also joined the tour.

The tour then continued to the exhibition area featuring floors with the Woodura® surface technology. 

Crown Princess inspects the thin sheet of wood used for the Woodura® technology. 

“The Crown Princess Couple was very interested in the ways our technologies can make end-products more sustainable and Woodura® technology was no exception. We showed that--by applying a thin sheet of wood and our patented wood powder technology to a board under heat and pressure--we have developed a wood flooring that is more sustainable than traditional wood flooring by using virtually 100% of the log and by increasing the product output with approximately ten times from the same amount of raw material,” says Darko Pervan

In addition to the environmental benefits, wood floors with the Woodura® surface also has superior technical properties which the Crown Princess experienced as she conducted an impact resistance test.

Crown Princess Victoria testing the impact resistance of floors with the Woodura® technology. 

The final part of the visit was a tour around the production facilities where the royalties were given a first-hand view of how Välinge works with development and how floors with the Woodura® and Nadura® surface technologies are produced. 

“The Crown Princess Couple is obviously very passionate about the environment and they both had many good questions about the production processes. It was a very proud moment for us to present our state-of-the art production line and it rounded off a great visit," says Niclas Håkansson. 

Pictures from the tour in the production facilities.

“This is the second time that I have had the honor to tell Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel about Välinge and our business. The first time was in 2015 when Välinge received the Export Hermes award for remarkable export achievements,” says Darko Pervan.

Picture from the 2015 Export Hermes award ceremony