UNY-Groups redirection led them to Välinge.

Viken, Sweden -

UNY-Group takes a new turn with their investment in a new production facility to better serve the European market. 

In the complicated process of producing flooring, UNY-Group’s choice of locking system was an easy one says Umran Yigiter, owner of UNY-Group. “We wanted a locking system that is easy, fast and strong for the customer and with a world class service and R&D facility for us as a developing company. We found all of what we were looking for in Välinge and in their 2G™ Angling, 5G-i™ Push Down and 5G® Fold Down. We have been in the flooring industry for a long time, but we are new to the production scene and we very much appreciate Välinge’s support and knowledge during the start-up period.”

Andreas Nilsson, key account manager at Välinge, is also excited about the new licensee, “It is rare that a company in Europe builds a production plant from scratch and it has been our pleasure to accompany UNY-Group on this journey”.

Production is due to start in Q1 2021 and the capacity is 8,5 million sqm of SPC and LVT. 

About UNY-Group
UNY-Group, established 2004, is an importer and producer of flooring products for European market with sales focus in the Netherlands, UK and Germany. UNY-Group also stands out with the fact that they have a 2 MW solar panel that support’s their energy demand.

About 5G Fold Down
The 5G® Fold Down installation system has revolutionized the way people install flooring and more than 85 Välinge licensees worldwide are manufacturing flooring products with 5G. All you need to install the floor panels is one person, one pair of hands and a single movement. With 5G you can significantly reduce installation time, no matter if you are a professional or DIY. When a panel is folded down, a flexible tongue snaps out into a wedge groove, emitting a “click” sound and locking the floor panel vertically and horizontally.