Välinge and I4F enter into settlement agreement

Viken, Sweden -

-       Settlement creates legal certainty for the market – all pending disputes settled

-       Settlement covers all “new material” flooring products with locking systems

-       Välinge continues to be the sole licensor of the 5G™ and 5G-i™ technologies 

On 27 October 2019, Välinge signed a settlement agreement with the company I4F, ending the period of legal and commercial uncertainty in the flooring market for producers and distributors. As a result, both parties will withdraw from all pending litigation disputes in the United States and Europe.

The settlement agreement covers so-called “New Materials Products” which means floor coverings, with a thermoplastic- or mineral‑based core and a locking system, commercially known as luxury vinyl tile (LVT), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), multi-layer flooring (MLF) waterproof polymer core (WPC), solid polymer composite (SPC), expanded polymer core (EPC), polypropylene (PP), polyurethane (PU) and magnesium oxide (MgO) flooring. 

Välinge remains the sole proprietor and licensor of its 5G™ and 5G-i™ technologies (two-piece fold down and one-piece push down technologies for the locking of the shortside). 

With this settlement, Välinge’s licensees are assured access to a comprehensive patent portfolio covering different aspects of new material flooring products, as well as protection against unwanted risks of claims of infringement. Välinge is satisfied that this settlement permits all parties to now focus on their business and innovation activities. 

Per Nygren
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About Välinge Innovation AB

Välinge Innovation AB is focused on the development of patents and technologies for the flooring and furniture industry. Its portfolio includes technologies as well as IP for flooring installation and wall mounting systems, material compositions, surface technologies and click furniture. 

The company’s state-of-the-art installation technologies, 2G™ in combination with 5G® or 5G-i™, provide unique methods for significantly faster and stronger installation of flooring panels. These solutions are suitable for laminate, LVT, SPC, EPC/WPC, mineral boards, wooden floorings and more.

Liteback® is a core technology for panels such as LVT, SPC & EPC/WPC, that opens up opportunities to reduce raw material consumption during production and to make transportation more efficient. 

The Woodura® surface is based on fusing a thin sheet of wood with a wood fiber core through a powder mix layer, filling up the natural openings of the wood to enhance the wood appearance. Eliminating the need for putty operations Woodura® surface technology creates a significantly stronger surface with a hardness significantly greater than a traditional solid oak layer. Sister technology Nadura® is an extremely durable solid surface based on recycled wood fibers. Nadura® features authentic 3D textures and ensures extreme durability and long-lasting beautiful appearance.

Välinge has strategic partnerships with the industry’s most important IP players, including Unilin, IVC, Pergo, Mannington, Classen, and US Floors and has over 3,000 international granted patents within flooring, furniture and surface technologies and the company has a license base of more than 240 licensees. As of 2018, the company had about 200 employees and a turnover of >120 M€ and is headquartered with the world's most advanced R&D center for floorings in Viken, Sweden.