A sustainable, cost-saving technology

Liteback® technology is a sustainable method to achieve cost savings by using less material and thereby reducing product weight and making transportation more efficient.

Features & benefits

  • Makes floors more lightweight
  • Increases transport efficiency
  • Improves yield by material recycling

How does it work?

Grooves are milled lengthwise on the backside of the LVT board.
This results in:

  1. Up to 20% reduction of raw material consumption. Removed material can be recycled and reutilized in the production process.
  2. Up to 20% weight reduction of the final product. This enables a container to be filled with more square meters, thereby reducing transportation costs.



Castor Chair

  • Standard castor chair test 25,000 revolutions (EN 425:2002)
  • Standard + elevated temperature (50°C)
  • Standard + uneven subfloor; cavities
  • Standard + uneven subfloor; protrusions

Result: No visible trace of the cavities

Aging process

  • Test 1: 6 hours, 80°C
  • Test 2: 6 hours, 70°C
  • Test 3: 2 months, cycling 23°C to 50°C

Result: No visible trace of the cavities

Grooving unit

The grooving unit used for the milling operation has been jointly developed by HOMAG and Välinge.

Technical specifications

Speed: Up to 100 m/min
Cutting depth: 0 – 4 mm
Installation: inline with profiling equipment or standalone

Product specifications

Width: 120-400 mm
Length: 600-1800 mm
Thickness: 3-8 mm

The machine is supplied by HOMAG.