Protective Wear Layer For Thermoplastic Flooring

By adding hard particles to the wear layer in accordance with the principles of the Topshell™ technology, superior wear properties will be achieved.

True wear resistance enables the use of thinner wear layers with maintained, or increased wear properties. The thickness of a traditional wear layer is typically in the range of 0.3 - 1 mm. With Topshell technology, the layer thickness can be reduced to 0.2 - 0.3 mm while achieving wear protection comparable to a 0.5 mm conventional wear layer. The result is material savings and improved clarity.

A wear layer featuring Topshell technology can be made from PVC or
other thermoplastic materials and can be applied to the product using the same process as used in the production with a conventional wear layer.

The Topshell wear layer can be prepared in-house by the floor producer,
or be provided by a third-party supplier.

Features & benefits

  • True wear resistance
  • Mixed gloss design possibilities
  • Material savings with thinner wear layer

Wear properties

Tests with a Taber Abraser according to SS-EN
16511:2014, using S-42 paper strips, show that Topshell provides superior wear resistance.


Commercial reference product (left) vs product with Topshell™ (right) - wear after 4000 revolutions in Taber tester

Commercial reference product (left) vs product with Topshell™ (right) - initial wear after 400 revolutions in Taber tester