L2C label program

The L2C (License to Clic) label program was introduced by Välinge and Unilin to support the interest of licensed companies and the companies doing business in products manufactured by these licensees. 

Licensed partners with manufacturing plants in China must attach a label on each product box that is manufactured and sold under the Välinge and Unilin patent rights. Products without labels are considered as unlicensed, even if they are made by a licensee, and will imply the same legal issues as products made by unlicensed manufacturers.

Important notes

  • The labels are only provided to licensed manufacturers 
  • The labels are free of charge
  • Each box of glueless locking products from China must carry the L2C label
  • Contact us to report unlabeled products:

How does the L2C label program work?

L2C is a numerically controlled identification label program, by which certain producers with manufacturing plants in China are asked to attach a uniquely numbered holographic label to their boxes of licensed products.

The license agreements with these manufacturers have been amended in such a way that products without labels are considered as unlicensed products. Importers and distributors doing business in these unlabeled products can then also be found to infringe the specific patent rights of Välinge and/or Unilin. 


Labels in different colors apply to products for different retail markets.