Assembly in seconds without tools

Furniture can now be assembled in seconds without using any tools, screws, fasteners or other loose parts. Just click them together for perfect, stable results every time. Just as easily, they can later be dismantled when needed. With Threespine™ click furniture technology and our technical support, we provide a solution that enables our licensees to introduce a new generation of furniture on the market.

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How it works

  1. Panel is pushed in position.

  2. The flexible plastic tongue is pushed into the tongue groove.

  3. Panel reaches its final position, the locking tongue snaps out into a wedge groove, emits a click sound and locks the panels. 

We can now deliver flat packages directly to the final customer. So we save money on fewer deliveries and we spare the environment.

Martin Johansson, CEO - Totebo AB

New design possibilities

With Threespine™ it is now possible to implement a clean design in furniture that can be assembled and dismantled countless times. As the locking function resides in the flexible plastic tongue, our technology is suitable for all materials that can be machined to a profile, such as particle board, HDF, MDF, CDF, plywood, solid wood, plastic, WPC, HPL and more. Moreover, it is now possible to combine these materials in ways not possible before.

Another benefit with Threespine is that the load is spread along the entire connection surface. As a result, the strength of the joint is less dependent on the material dimensions and properties. This opens up completely new design opportunities, for instance, to use very thin furniture panels.

Get ready for production

Quickly move into production thanks to its compatibility with existing machinery such as:

• CNC machines
• Double-sided edge-banding machines
• Double-end tenoners (DET)
• Profiling machines

For placing the plastic tongues, we provide solutions for both high- and low-volume production. Implement our high-speed inserter directly into your production line or choose the offline or handheld inserters for flexible production of smaller series. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians provides installation support and training to ensure a swift and smooth production transition.

  • Hans Brännström

  • Director BU Furniture Locking / Head of Locking Development
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