Sustainable Core Technology

One change can bring many advantages. With Liteback® core technology for thermoplastic flooring such as LVT/SPC & WPC, you can use raw materials more efficently while simultaneously making your floors lighter. Thereby you can spare the enviroment as well as the back of the installers.


Light weight, heavy impact!

Let´s see how Liteback can bring value to you and your customer!

Feel the difference

The technology involves the removal of material from the core, thereby reducing the weight of the final product with up to 20%. All handling of the product thus becomes easier and more efficient: from delivery out of the production unit to the handling of the products at the time of purchase and during installation by the final user.

With lighter products, every shipping container can be filled with more square meters of flooring, in turn saving the environment by reducing the number of required transports.

Use our calculator to see how much you save on your container and road transportation. 

The Liteback Calculator

The weight of a package containing 1.8 m2 of a typical 5 mm SPC product can be reduced with up to 3.5 kg when implementing Liteback.

Environmental impact:

Sawings in numbers

Based on the assumption that approximately 350 million
m2 LVT/SPC and WPC flooring is projected to beeing sold in
Europe and North America; what would the environmental
benefits be if this volume would have been made with

We did the math! The numbers speak for themselves.

610,000 tons - By making raw material utilizazation more
efficient, more than 610,000 tons of raw material would be
saved and 400,000 less tons CO2 would be emitted in the atmosphere.

130,000 deliveries - Lower product weight enables increased
freight density, thereby eliminating more than 130,000
deliveries from the supply chain.

495,000 tons - Total CO2 emission would be reduced with
495,000 tons: the equivalent to the annual emission from
more than 120,000 passenger cars in Europe and North
America combined.

38,000,000 boxes - Each box of typically 1.8 m2 contains 8
panels. With Liteback, you could load two additional panels in
each box without adding any weight thereby saving packing material.

How does it work?

By using a grooving unit, grooves are milled on the backside
of the floorboard. The grooving unit can be integrated in the
regular production process thereby eliminating the need for
extra handling of the panels. The material that is removed in 
the process is recycled back into the production process,
thereby reducing material consumption with up to 20%.

Technical specifications

Up to 100 m/min

Cutting depth
0-4 mm

Inline or standalone

Product thickness
3-8 mm


Confirmed Performance

Besides long-term testing in a heavy traffic production environment, we have succesfully conducted several standard tests to ensure that Liteback® provides all the benifits while maintaining product appearance and quality.

Castor Chair - 25 000 revolutions

  • Standard castor chair test (EN 425:2002)
  • At elevated temperature (50˚C)
  • With uneven subfloor and cavities/protrusions

Dimensional stability & Curling

  • ISO 23999 - 6 hours, 80˚C
  • Cycling  23˚C to 50˚C for 2 months

Real-life testing

  • Hallway installation, high traffic area (on-going since 2011)
  • Electrical floor heating test (3 years)
  • Workshop entrance, high traffic, heavy loads (on-going since 2015)

Indentation & Static Load

  • ASTM F1914 -  According to ASTM F1700 & ASTM F3261
  • ISO 24343-1 - Residual Indentation
  • ASTM F970  - Static Load​