Hard as stone, warm as wood

Nadura® is an extremely durable solid surface obtained by fusing a well-defined mixture of recycled wood powder and binders together under high pressure. 

With no worry about wear, a whole new range of structure design possibilities opens up: from authentic 3D textures to colorful, creative decors and all with long-lasting beautiful appearance. 

Features & benefits

  • Outstanding impact and scratch resistance
  • Realistic and extreme textures
  • Easy maintenance

Floors with Nadura®

Nadura can be used as the top layer of a new flooring category. The dry mix of wood powders and binders is scattered and subsequently pressed onto a carrier, typically an HDF board. The Nadura surface ensures extreme durability, in turn making the floors suitable for usage in both domestic and heavy commercial areas.

In comparison to laminate floors, wood powder floors with Nadura have no overlays to succumb to abrasion and no thin paper layers to compromise wear resistance. Moreover, they have no melamine overlays or printed papers. The look is pure and unaffected, the options are vast, and the performance is significantly advanced.